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Virginia Walton, MFT

My Philosophy

I became a therapist because I'm fascinated by why we think, feel and behave the way we do. There is nothing more powerful than becoming aware of our own tendencies and triggers. Once we know why, for instance, we are lashing out or being defensive, we can work to change that behavior.

I want to help my clients, whether they're individuals, couples or families, transition through whatever "stuck point" they may find themselves experiencing.

For my individual clients, this usually means identifying the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that perpetuate the patterns that keep us in distress. For couples and families, we want to enjoy the people we love but sometimes painful patterns of communication get in the way.

Whether these patterns are relatively new or deeply entrenched, therapy can help you do something different - something that creates less distress and more happiness in your partner and family relationships.


  • Clients: Individuals, couples, families (blended and traditional), parents, step-parents, individuals transitioning through divorce
  • Modalities: EFT, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, CBT, Mindfulness, Somatic Interventions
  • Areas of Practice: Life translations, anxiety, relationship issues in couples and families, stepfamily dynamics, parenting and step-parenting, divorce


  • Postgraduate Certificate: Couples and Family Therapy, Denver Family Institute (2 years)
  • MA: Clinical Social Work, University of Denver
  • BA: Anthropology at University of Colorado, Denver


  • $140 per 55 minute session
  • $170 per 75 minute session
  • I do not take insurance, but I can provide a superbill for reimbursement


  • Mondays & Wednesdays: Virtual or in-person, 8am-7pm in Greenwood Village
  • Tuesday: Virtual or in-person, 8am-7pm in Denver
  • Thursday: Virtual only, 8am-7pm
  • Friday: Virtual 8-5, in-person 8-12pm in Greenwood Village

How I Can Help You

With my individual clients, together we dig into core beliefs about ourselves and world around us that negatively impact our ability to navigate difficult life circumstances.

With my couples and families, often people come to me when they feel caught in destructive patterns of communication that leave them feeling angry, hurt, misunderstood and alone. I work to identify what's happening underneath that leads us to lash out defensively or build walls between one another. Many times, we are simply looking for our partner or family member to hear us and tell us that they "get it." When we feel more understood we are naturally less defensive and more open to each other.

I usually begin by learning about each of your experiences in your relationship, and what happens when you get stuck in your usual conflict or negative pattern. What starts the conflict? Who says what? What are each of you thinking, feeling and doing? What happens after? Do you repair and resolve things or sweep them under the rug? Then, we work on changing that negative pattern into a more positive pattern, where you both feel less defensive, more understood, and most importantly, closer to one another.

I won't let you fight. It's not constructive to let couples and family members spiral into their negative patterns of communication during our time together. While a certain amount of conflict is normal, my habit is to intervene quickly by slowing things down and helping you each share your feelings in a way that promotes a deeper understanding of each other's experience.

I have extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) as well as Gottman Method. Both models are known for their efficacy in helping couples and families reduce conflict and increase relational satisfaction.

Portrait photo of Denver-area counselor Virginia Walton

Virginia Walton, MFT

What is therapy like with me? I have a warm but direct style that incorporates empathy and humor. I don't judge people's behavior. Being judged is not conducive to helping people open up and talk to one another in a less defensive way, which is an important goal of therapy. I know your time and money is valuable and I want to make our sessions as productive as possible.  Before each session, I will already have a goal in mind based on what you want to accomplish in therapy.

About Me:

I live in Denver with my husband and our 2 dogs, Milo and Paul. We have 2 children that are now 17 and 21. In my spare time I love to travel, get up to the mountains, eat good food, read about history and be with friends and family. I've struggled with my own anxiety and relationship issues. I love horror movies and I watch too much Netflix.