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Therapy for the Denver Metro Area

The Therapy Collective is a modern practice helping people navigate through life’s journey. When our thoughts or behavioral patterns leave us feeling stuck, we help you get back on your path.

Our approach to therapy is authentic, personal and direct. Our passion is to support you on your path towards emotional wellbeing.

Therapists facilitate individual, couples, and group therapy sessions.

Please call 720.282.9798 if you're interested in joining our Collective!

Counseling & Psychotherapy Services

Telehealth Sessions Available From The Comfort of Your Home

During these times it's even more essential to access help when it's needed. To ensure you and your loved ones stay safe, we are offering online therapy sessions for individual, group and couples therapy.
Sessions can be accessed through your smartphone or computer by simply clicking a link to our secure client portal.

The Time Can Be Today

Take the first step. We’d love to schedule an initial 15 minute consultation.

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How We Help

We use a variety of effective techniques to help you overcome feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, career burnout or past trauma.

Based on what is right for you and your needs, we help you to feel better and live authentically.

A practice that increases your connection to the present moment by learning to observe thoughts and emotion without judgment or attachment.
EMDR Therapy
A type of therapy that helps people to heal from traumatic and distressiong life events.
Psychodynamic Therapy
Exploring patterns in emotions, relationships, defenses/avoidance, and behavious to foster insight and healing.
Learning to evaluate thinking in a more realistic and adaptive way to improve mood and behaviors.