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Stephanie Wolfe, LPC

Walking together towards hope and healing

My Philosophy

I believe that every person has the capacity for self growth and healing when properly supported and empowered. 

This is my role in therapy - to hold space for your narratives, to help you identify connections between your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and to problem solve together and try out new solutions for change. 

Therapy is an incredible opportunity to slow down and listen to the stories our bodies are trying to tell, to process our burdens of anxiety, grief, fear, or pain, and to journey together towards restoration. 

I love doing this work because I believe healing is possible. No one is beyond hope. You don’t have to do this alone. 


  • Clients: Teens and adults - individual
  • Specialties: CBT, Art Therapy, Mindfulness & EMDR
  • Treating: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, & Life Transitions (young adulthood, parenthood, general)


  • MA: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Denver Seminary, 2015
  • BFA: Art Therapy, Arcadia University, 2010


  • Out of Pocket: $120
  • Insurance: Aetna, Optum/United, Cigna


  • Wednesdays: 10am - 5pm
  • Thursdays: 10am - 6pm

How I Can Help You

Therapy is like renovation. When clients come to therapy, they enter with a host of thoughts and emotions that often feel disorganized inside. I enjoy working with clients to figure out which areas of themselves need attention, support, or rebuilding. 

Right now, you may be feeling overwhelmed by anxiety. Or you feel like you are trudging through grief or depression that you just can’t seem to lift. Maybe you’ve experienced a traumatic event or even multiple stressors throughout your life, and you just feel stuck. 

Many people find themselves in frustrating patterns of coping with their trauma and emotions. They may feel disconnected or scattered and struggle to be present with others. Some may have physical or somatic symptoms that feel outside of their control.

My role is to help you gain insight into why you’re feeling this way, and to guide you as you develop the skills you need to move forward. 

My journey as a therapist has taken me to trauma work. I find that this is often an underlying factor in our present struggles. When we follow the thread backwards in time, reconnect with our prior self, and consider what parts of ourself are in need of repair, true healing can happen. 

Working from a trauma-informed lens, I use somatic techniques such as art therapy and mindfulness that allow us to be present with our emotions and physical sensations, alongside cognitive behavioral strategies that engage our conscious awareness. I am also trained in EMDR.

Portrait photo of Denver-area counselor Stephanie Wolfe

Stephanie Wolfe, LPC

A decade ago I started my counseling training and career and I quickly came to enjoy the work of creating a healing, therapeutic space for my clients. It’s an honor to sit with others in their pain and to witness change and growth. 

Having endured difficult seasons in my own life, I understand the feeling of aloneness that many bring with them to therapy. Inviting another person into that space can feel vulnerable. It can also be a relief to allow someone to hold space and to walk with you towards hope and healing. 

About Me
love being in nature more than anything. These days this looks like gardening in the summer and building snowmen with my kids in the winter. Roadtrips to the mountains with my family are my favorite. I’ve backpacked to many Rocky Mountain lakes and savor the memory of watching the sun set and rise over the quiet water. 

I also love to travel. I met my husband on a year long humanitarian trip to West Africa. Some of my other favorite destinations have been northern Scotland, the western coast of Italy, and the forests of Fontainebleau, France.